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  Carl Tosten  
Carl Tosten

Imagine combining Degrassi, Mckeen, Parkening, and Metheny, together with a little Dan Fogelberg. You would get Carl Tosten. His music encompasses the wide array of styles he grew up listening to, all synthesized into what people call "The Tosten Sound." Carl Tosten has three CDs to his credit and he is hard at work on number four. He is also a clinician for the Gibson Acoustic Division. And he does product demos for Dean Markley Strings and Behringer.

Carl Tosten is a skilled wordsmith and vocalist. He has been described by some to be one of the best singer-songwriters in the business. Do yourself a favor; go check out one of Carl’s live shows, you won’t regret it.

Carl uses Dean Markley Medium gauge Alchemy Gold Phosphor acoustic stings. And as he says, “I use the Trilogy pickup in all my performance guitars.”

What Carl Tosten discovered about Alchemy:

“After trying every other brand under the sun, I can finally say without a doubt that the Dean Markley Alchemy Gold Phosphors are the undisputed champions for me. I was blown away by the articulation and all the added overtones coming out of my guitar, it never sounded so alive. I was also amazed at their staying power and the fact that, after four gigs, I had not broken any strings. They are indestructible.

“They’re long lasting but crisp. I’ve tried several coated strings, which were lacking in both high end and mid range. I put a set of Alchemy strings on, and that was it. Four gigs later they still sound great, you can’t argue with that.”


Here is Carl’s experience with the Trilogy:

“The Trilogy pickup is the cat’s meow for me. I have long dug soundhole pickups, but got tired of dragging preamps around and adding mics, transducers, and basically having a frankenstein pickup on my guitar. The Trilogy comes with easy installation included, and it has volume controls for all three sources, with a master volume over all. It sounds stunning!!

“The Trilogy pickup makes my job so much easier, I can instantly dial in a great sound anywhere at concert levels without fearing feedback. Having the preamp and controls on the guitar makes my job easier and my load lighter. Thanks Dean-Great job.”

Be sure to visit the Carl Tosten website at:

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