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  Mike Golay  
Mike Golay

Mike Golay is a Portland, ME-based solo acoustic fingerstyle guitarist whose musical identity is informed by Jazz, Celtic, Bluegrass, Rock, Pop, Punk, Folk, Funk, Ska, Hip-hop, Classical and World Music, as well as a lot of other stuff he can’t articulate at the moment. He calls what he does “Heavy Folk.” His playing has been compared to that of Pierre Bensusan, Adrian Legg, Leo Kottke and Michael Hedges, among others. It’s throb-o-rific.

Golay’s self-produced debut CD, “Half Pint,” has received excellent reviews and promises even more interesting and engaging playing to come. Henk te Veldhuis of Bridge Guitar Reviews said, "Mike Golay is certainly a great talent, not only as an acoustic guitarist but also as a composer. His style is unique."

Mike is at work on a follow-up CD entitled "Across the Bridge."

What Amrit Sond had to say about Golay’s "Half Pint" CD:

“There are a lot of different styles at work here, from Folky-type fingerpickin’ stuff to some really lyrical work and even a classical influenced piece to wrap up the CD (‘Morning Prayer’) plus the whole CD resonates with a very nice Celtic feel. A very musical body of work indeed, and my personal standout track has got to be ‘Jack of Hearts’ because of the emotional feel of it and the arrangement is just simply BEAUTIFUL...this one really sings and tugs at the heart - timeless writing simply put!”

What Mike had to say about Alchemy experience:

“In the past, I’ve tried numerous coated strings for which many promises had been made: that the string would last longer, that the sound would be true, that the feel would be there. In my experience, none of the strings I tried delivered on all accounts. They either lasted and didn’t sound good, or sounded okay but the feel was poor, or they were generally dull and uninspiring, or some other infernal combination. I’ve been interested in switching to a coated string as I tend to go through 8-12 sets a month of the uncoateds I’ve used for years, due to my moist and corrosive Fingers of Death, as I call them. But I just couldn’t find anything that stood up to the claims.

I was over at my good friend Jim Tozier’s house one Saturday afternoon, and we were tuning and retuning, and getting our twang on. I play in one particularly string-busting tuning (the strings usually only survive perhaps 5-6 retunings before breaking when I use the tuning), and sure enough, as I was taking my G-string back up from E to its proper place... pank! And it was no more. Jim offered me a set of Dean Markley Alchemy GoldPhos. I put them on. I was knocked out.

All of the promises and more are fulfilled with these strings. There are the loudest, fullest, most balanced strings I’ve ever used. The string-to-string balance is superb and the strings are very consistent from set to set. Nevermind the strings being coated and lasting eons, which they do. I don’t even think of these strings as “coated.” They’re just great strings. Nothing I’ve tried comes close. I also think these strings are particularly well suited to those players who use open and altered tunings, as they sound very nice and seem to hold uniform tension when tuned down low. And that G-string that I tend to mangle with the strangle-tuning? It’s still alive and kicking after a month. I am a proud convert. I look forward to making oodles of music with these inspiring strings. To my ears, Dean has the best thing going out there.”

Mike uses Alchemy GoldBronze™ and GoldPhoz™ gauged 13-56 (MED).

Be sure to visit Mike Golay's website at:

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