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  Pat Travers  
Pat Travers

Soon after picking up the guitar at age 12, Pat Travers saw the legend Jimi Hendrix perform in Ottawa, inspiring the young Pat to go after the dream of becoming a star. Other influences were Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton, and Jimmy Page. Pat’s first (teenage) bands were “Red Hot” and “Merge”. While the early years were hard, they would eventually pay off in the form of improved musicianship, style, and exposure.

At age 20 and armed with a Marshall amp, a wah-wha pedal, and a few hours of studio time, Pat recorded a demo that soon earned him a recording contract with Polydor. Releasing his debut album, “Pat Travers” in April 1976 with Mars Cowling on bass and Roy Dyke on drums, Pat embarked on a tour of England in support of this debut.

Adorned in a red and white jumpsuit displaying the maple leaf of his native Canada, trademarks of Pat’s early shows included giving away cardboard replicas of his black Fender Telecaster, playing barefoot, and inviting audience member to play “air guitar” on stage during the show. It was with this accessibility to the fans that Pat became an invited performer to the huge Reading Festival in 1976. Pat went on to sell out the arena and stadium circuit for years.

Enlisting the talents of Tommy Aldridge and Pat Thrall, and the always inspirational Mars Cowling, the release of “Heat In the Street” further strengthen Pat Travers following. The album featured more of Pat’s sometimes elaborate songs, which further proved that he wasn’t just a mere air headed guitar hero, but that of an accomplished composer and lyricist.

Pat Thrall, a great guitarist as well, now quickly rounded out the sound and provided Pat more freedom to do other things like expand his keyboard playing. Besides, Pat Thrall’s influence from his fusion background provided more fuel for Pat to write. Understanding that the best way to hear the Pat Travers Band was to hear it live, the band released its first live album “Go For What You Know” in 1979, which was considered one of his best albums and a “must have” for any guitar fan. Some say that it was with this release that PT garnered his largest increase of fans. The album was one of his best sellers and still sells well even many years later.

The Pat Travers Band and his longtime friend and business associate “TLO” continue to book tours around the world, “Makin’ Magic” for their die hard fans. While Pat’s had some great musicians working with him on past tours, he is currently working, recording, and touring with Eric “Freight-train” Frates (drums), Kirk Mckimm (guitar), and Frankie (bass).

This band is at its best ever—sounding very heavy and strong playing with Dean Markley strings; they will rock for many years to come.

“2007 marks thirty years that I’ve been using Dean Markley Guitar Strings. Nobody sweats more or hits a guitar harder than I do, and Dean Markley strings provide the unmatched tone, quality, and reliability that I need to get my sound across. I’ll be using Dean Markley Strings in 2037! Dean Markley… Stings for life!” -Pat Travers NickelSteel Electric MTHB

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