Miles Aubrey
John 5
Dave Amato
Miles Aubrey
John 5 is undoubtably one of the hottest shredders on the planet right now. His impressive resume includes working with frontmen such as Marilyn Manson, Rob Halford, Dave Lee Roth and his current gig as the right hand man for Rob Zombie.
The guitarslinger best known as lead player for REO Speedwagon, Dave Amato has covered tons of musical ground in his 30+ year career. Over the decades, Amato has performed live or recorded with countless renowned artists.
“I've played Dean Markley strings my whole life, from school dances to the Grand Ole Opry, and they've always given me what I'm looking for.”
Paul Bushnell - Tim McGraw & Faith Hill Bands
Nick Catanese
Jeff Cease - Eric Church Band
Paul Bushnell covers bass duties for two of country music's biggest stars - Tim McGraw and Faith Hill.
Nick "Evil Twin" Catanese, the rhythm/lead guitarist in Black Label Society, is known for his unique ability to double Zakk Wylde's ripping, intense earning Catanese the "Evil Twin" moniker from Wylde himself.
"I love the long life, sustain and clarity I get from the Helix strings, they bring out the finer tones of my guitars."
Julio Cezar - Catedral
Paul Chapman - Colt Ford Band 
 Dominic Cifarelli
"Dean Markley  makes the best strings I've ever used..."
Paul Chapman provides the low end for country music artist Colt Ford.
Hailed guitarist Dominic Cifarelli currently resides in LA, where he is working on his progressive rock concept series entitled The Chronicles of Israfel. He is also known for his work with the accaimed group Scars on Broadway.
Matt DeVries
Dennis Edwards - Lady Antebellum
  Lita Ford
Touring the world as bass player of Fear Factory, Matt DeVries depends on Dean Markley strings to provide crushing low end for these industrial metal legends.
Bassist Dennis Edwards plays Dean Markley strings when on the road with country chart-toppers Lady Antebellum.
Lita Ford is considered one of the most important female representatives of rock ‘n’ roll. Ford was a founding member of the Runaways, one of the first girl groups who broke down barriers in the punk era. She now enjoys a fruitful solo career.
Brad Gillis  
  Lee Hendricks - Eric Church Band
Jeff Hyde - Eric Church Band 
Brad Gillis is best known for his guitar playing in Night Ranger. Since their first release in 1983, Brad's mastery of the strings and whammy bar have helped lead this rocking AOR band to the top of the charts.
“Dean Markley Blue Steel Nickel strings sound and feel great like a nickel string should. Put em on, stretch em out and they are ready to rock!!!”
“I play banjo and mandolin often. And when I do, I prefer Dean Markley strings.”


toby keith


Brian Kahanek  
Toby Keith
Tully Kennedy - Jason Aldean Band
Things haven’t been quite the same for Brian Kahanek since his track “Gemini” was featured in Guitar Hero. While the game helped to ignite a flourishing solo career, Kahanek has also recorded guitars and mixed for some of music's top artists.
With a career that spans two decades, 16 albums, and countless hits, Toby Keith is a certified country superstar. This guitarist-singer-entertainer has also produced records and acted in movies.
"Live on stage or in the studio, it doesn't matter. The only strings my fingers touch are Dean Markley Nickel Plated Blue Steel. The best string, the only string for me. There is no other. Period."




Sean McNabb
Bret Michaels
Malina Moye 
Sean McNabb is a figure among rock and roll bassists. Beginning his musical career in the early ‘80s with Quiet Riot, McNabb went on to record and tour with world with classic bands like Dokken and Great White.
"Dean Markley, thanks for 26 awesome years of support! Whether it’s in the studio or on stage, Dean Markley strings are the only strings that can connect me to my fans, and my guitars to me."
Malina Moye is a dynamic performer with several unique accolades under her belt: she was the only female guitarist on the Experience Hendrix tour, the Eric Clapton Crossroads Festival and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Tribute to Chuck Berry.




Eddie Pennington
Mitch Perry
Orianthi came onto the scene in 2009 and has quickly made her way to celebrity status. Ever since she appeared in the 51st Grammy Awards as Carrie Underwood's lead guitarist, her fame has skyrocketed.
Eddie is known as one of the greatest living thumbstyle guitarists. He is an inductee of the National Thumbpickers Hall of Fame and five-time winner of the National Thumbpicker Of The Year award. Photo by Michael Glenn Stewart.
Guitarist Mitch Perry has spent the last 25 years working alongside some of the most renowned musicians in the world. He has collaborated with such popular and diverse acts ranging from the Michael Schenker Group to Cher.




Jeff Pilson
Dustin Prinz  
Hedras Ramos  
Over his career, bassist Jeff Pilson has toured and recorded with revered hard rock bands including Dokken, Dio, War and Peace and more. Currently, Pilson performs with the one and only Foreigner.
Dustin Prinz is a prolific songwriter and powerful vocalist. His unique guitar style has jaws dropping and feet tapping around the globe.
Hedras Ramos is a Guatemalan guitar prodigy. Taking the world by storm with his furious shredding and future-jazz stylings, Ramos is bringing the instrument to an entirely new level.







Dylan Rose
 Nikki Sixx
Ken Susi of Unearth 
Dylan Rose is a modern-day guitar player whose youth belies his influences. After discovering his greatest inspirations at an early age, Rose has spent half his life in pursuit of these guitar greats while carrying these styles into the future.
Among the heavy metal gods sits Nikki Sixx, best known as bassist and songwriter for Mötley Crüe. At age 17, Nikki moved to Los Angeles and played bass with various bands including Sister, Quiet Riot, and London.
"I was turned on to Dean Markley strings when I was 9 years old. I actually haven't played another brand since! These strings always feel and play the best to me. No need to try anything else! E-V-E-R!!!!"

SteveTrovato update



Steve Trovato
Carl Verheyen
Nick Wheeler
Steve Trovato has written over 20 instructional books, as well as produced over 50 instructional videos. He is a true master of rock, country and jazz playing, and currently teaches guitar at USC's studio jazz department.
Carl Verheyen has 40+ years of guitar playing under his belt. It's no wonder he is a critically-acclaimed musician, vocalist, songwriter, arranger, producer and educator with 11 CDs and 2 live DVDs released worldwide.
With four albums under their belts, The All-American Rejects have become a rock ‘n’ roll household name. Guitarist Nick Wheeler started The All-American Rejects with singer Tyson Ritter while the two were still in high school.
Michael Wilton
Michael Wilton, or “The Whip” as he’s known, is the original guitarist for metal gods Queensryche. Born in San Francisco, Wilton was introduced to rock ‘n’ roll through his father’s record collection.