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FretMaster™ Bass

Dean Markley Product Image
Round over the pickups for that bright sound but burnished ever so slightly over the fretboard. Round Wound sound—Flat Wound feel. A great electric string for bass playing. Fretmaster gives you all the tone but none of the fretwear.

The Experience

My wife thinks I’m a bit like Jekyll and Hyde. One minute I’m studiously serious, and the next I’m sarcastic and silly. I tend to be romantic when she least expects it, but she has to remind me when our anniversary is coming up. I’d work through the night building a new deck if she didn’t point out that it was getting too dark to see, but she has to prod me into doing the laundry. I complain about athletes making enormous amounts of money to play a game, but I whine if I’m not in front of the television to watch the Cubs’ games.

I guess I’ve always had a bit of a split personality. So it should come as no surprise that I had a very difficult time deciding on what strings to use on my bass. Sometimes I want the bright sound of round wound strings, and other times I’ll insist on the smooth feel of flat wounds.

Fortunately, I discovered Dean Markley’s Fretmaster strings. They’re round over the pickups to maximize tone, and burnished slightly over the fretboard for a smooth feel. The perfect hybrid string. And since I’ve started using them, my wife says I’m almost acting normal.


No more changing back and forth between round wounds and flat wounds—Fretmaster strings give you the best of both. Bright tone, smooth feel. It’s all there.


2642 XL .044 .060 .078 .098
2644 ML .046 .063 .080 .102
2646 MED .048 .067 .084 .106