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Artist Series™

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"....the classical guitarist moved deftly from the Beethoven sonatas to the quiet and lustrous Shubert Impromptus. Many listeners will recognize the sound of those eight beautiful solo extemporizations, but all I heard was the rich, full tone and sparkling clarity of his Dean Markley Classical Nylon Strings. Simply astounding."

Leonard Mitz, critic Classical Review Weekly

The Experience

Sometimes we get stuck. There are times, for all of us, when everything seems inspired, when all of our ideas, all of our technique, all of our years of work comes together, and the music we make is magic. And then again, sometimes we get stuck. The magic vanishes. We wait for it to come back. But we’re stuck.

I had been stuck. Uninspired. My tone had dulled, my fingers had gotten clumsy, my phrasing had become halting, uneven, not at all musical. And it seemed the harder I worked, the more muddled I sounded. I needed a break. I needed a change.

My longtime teacher recommended, among other things—including getting out more—new strings. “For a change,” he said. I said I’d try anything. He gave me a set of Dean Markley Classicals. I put them on. And within moments… the magic had returned. That was a month ago. These six strings are direct currents of inspiration.

Dean Markley Classical Artist Series strings. Rich, clean, clear. Magic.


2822 STD .028 .032 .040 .029 .033 .042
2824 HI .028 .032 .040 .029 .035 .042
2826 SH .028 .032 .040 .030 .037 .045