SR2000 Bass Strings Revolutionize Bass Tone

The Dean Markley SR2000 bass strings are back and better than ever before. This is a string so complicated to make no one else makes anything close. If tone matters to you, than the SR2000 bass strings are what you need.

SR2000 High Performance Strings

Want big, meaty bass that roars and feels like a smooth running machine? Try our SR2000 compound wound strings. We’ve created the perfect mix of mass, tension and a whole lot of other engineering marvels that result in massive tone and revved up performance.

First we start with a core wire stretched at the perfect tension. Then we wrap it with multiple layers of cross-hatched covers, building up the mass of the string with incremental sizes of premium quality wire.

The result is a silky smooth surface with a flexible core that plays like a dream. So thump ‘em, slap ‘em, pick ‘em, caress ‘em. They’ll give you the love right back with tone, resonance, and sustain that just doesn’t quit.

Check out this overview of SR2000!