Gitarre & Bass Checks Out Blackhawk Strings

Germany's Gitarre & Bass Magazine recently put Dean Markley's Blackhawk strings through their paces in a review that tested these coated strings.

The reviewer, Christian Braunschmidt, gives a brief overview of the strings' features, and then after trying Blackhawk, he was amazed. "Even after days of torture and ill-treatment, I could not make any significant signs of wear..." he reveals.

He goes on to say, "At the same time, the strings sound fresh and lively from the start with a beautiful, wiry overtone range, which does not sound too shrill. A side effect, which I also noticed positively, is the fact that I could easily tune the guitar a whole tone lower without losing the necessary string of strings or sound stability. All in all I am very impressed with Dean Markley's Blackhawk strings."

Check out the full review here (in German).

Note that quotes have been translated from German.