• Trippin' with Jeff Hughell

    Trippin' with Jeff Hughell

    Trinidad Scorpion Hallucinations is the latest solo album from seven-string bassist Jeff Hughell. The album takes listeners on the hallucinatory journey of eating one of the world’s hottest peppers from inhalation to evacuation. Jeff took a break from touring Europe to answer some questions about the new album.   First and foremost, have you actually eaten a Trinidad Scorpion Pepper?   I have had Trinidad Scorpion sauce that my good buddy Matthew Kourie made, who is actually on the cover of...More
  • What Do Austin Powers and Blue Steels Have in Common?

    What Do Austin Powers and Blue Steels Have in Common?

    Typically when you hear the term “cryogenically frozen” you think of people freezing themselves to be awoken sometime in the future. Like when Austin Powers is cryogenically frozen in the 60s and awoken in the 90s to save the world from Dr. Evil. So how could this possibly relate to a set of guitar strings?   Our Blue Steel string series uses the same type of technology. Behind unmarked doors that require LEVEL 5 security clearance, the strings are hit with a blast of liquid nitrogen. Bringing...More