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  • Deryck Whibley - Sum 41

    Deryck Whibley - Sum 41

    "I like my strings like I like my women.  Long, thin, and flexible"

  • Dj Ashba - Sixx A.M.

    Dj Ashba - Sixx A.M.

    "I didn't break a string the entire last tour and abused them nightly! They're sick and sound F'N killer!"

  • Angus Young - AC/DC

    Angus Young - AC/DC

    "I just go where the guitar takes me."

  • Alan Robert - Life of Agony

    Alan Robert - Life of Agony

    "I've been playin' Dean Markley Blue Steels for over two decades and have never, ever broken a string."

  • Garron Dupree - Say Anything/Eisley

    Garron Dupree - Say Anything/Eisley

    "I've played Dean Markley's strings for almost my entire career. They sound better and are longer lasting than any bass string I've put them up against. I'm a big fan of their products and am happy to be part of the family."

  • Dylan Rose - Archer

    Dylan Rose - Archer

    "Dean Markley Blue Steels deliver the punch and attack I need to balance out the deeper richness of Les Pauls while retaining plenty of warmth. They have a great even feel to them and are the perfect match to the rest of my setup. I love these strings!"

  • Disciples of Babylon

    Disciples of Babylon

    "Dean Markley strings have been there for us since the very beginning. Whether in concert or in the studio they never let us down. We strive for excellence and Dean Markley has set the bar!"

  • Tully Kennedy - Jason Aldean Band

    Tully Kennedy - Jason Aldean Band

    " Live on stage or in the studio, it doesn't matter. The only strings my fingers touch are Dean Markley Nickel Plated Blue Steel. The best string , the only string for me. There is no other. Period."

  • Jeff Hyde - Eric Church Band

    Jeff Hyde - Eric Church Band

    "I play banjo and mandolin often. And when I do, I prefer Dean Markley strings."

  • Billy Graziadei - Biohazard

    Billy Graziadei - Biohazard

    "Dean Markley strings are the only ones that can stand up to the beating I deliver!"

  • Garth Brooks

    Garth Brooks

    "Dean Markley makes the only straps I'll put on my guitar"

  • Nili Brosh

    Nili Brosh

    "Dean Markley strings have always been super reliable in terms of retaining tuning and lasting longer than expected. That's why they're always my first go-to choice!"

  • Mike Inez - Alice In Chains

    Mike Inez - Alice In Chains

    "Strings are the most personal part of the guitar. They're the one thing bridging the skin and wood. For someone who travels around the world making racket for a living, that's important s**t!"

  • Nadja Peulen - Coal Chamber

    Nadja Peulen - Coal Chamber

    "Dean Markley’s Blue Steel bass strings have been a staple to my low end stage shaking bass tone since 1999. As a finger style player my heavy gauge strings give me a rich rounded tone with yet clarity and punch."


  • Craig Chaquico

    Craig Chaquico

    "I play Dean Markley strings because I like the way they feel right when they come out of the package. They feel like someone has paid attention to this product."

  • Paul Childers

    Paul Childers

    “Dean Markley Strings are vital to who I am as a player. Every day in the studio and every night on stage, my tone relies on the incredible work that they do. The guitar is my brush and my Dean Marley Strings are the paint!”

  • Lita Ford

    Lita Ford

    "My Dean Markley Strings offer a nice blend of lighter gauge to heavier gauge so I can bend and stretch those high notes to the extreme. The lower gauge strings are a bit heavier, to keep the chug of my guitar thick and beefy. The best of both worlds,"

  • Jeff Pilson - Foreigner

    Jeff Pilson - Foreigner

    "For over 20 years now, you will never find a bass I'm playing (much less an acoustic or electric guitar) that isn't outfitted with a set of Dean Markley Blue Steel Strings. I have yet to find anything that comes close to Blue Steels in terms of tone, playability, and feel. The minute I played them (lo those many years ago) I became a fan for life. I feel like Blue Steels have greatly improved the tone of all my recordings with Foreigner, T&N and even as far back as Dio and Dokken, and they've enhanced the sound and groove of all my live performances since 1992. I'm that sold on these strings!"

  • Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein

    Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein

    "I Play Dean Markley because of the tone and the extreme beating they take without breaking."

  • The Franklys

    The Franklys

    "We're proud to play Dean Markley strings!"

  • Agnostic Front

    Agnostic Front

    "We use Dean Markley strings cause there's nothing better"

  • Brian Grilli

    Brian Grilli

    "I love my Dean Markley strings. They make every one of my guitars sound so good!"

  • Josh James - Stick To Your Guns

    Josh James - Stick To Your Guns

    "My search for durable strings stopped when I found Dean Markley's Blue Steel. I give them a violent beating every night but they just take it and keep sounding great. Plus, it's pretty cool to say your strings are cryogenically frozen with liquid nitrogen."

  • Zach Johnson - The Ghost Inside

    Zach Johnson - The Ghost Inside

    "I've tried multiple different brands of strings to find the right tone for our different and low tuned songs. The blue steels have turned into the only string I'll put on my guitar, their brightness and long lifespan are worlds better than any others."

  • Dominic Cifarelli - The Chronicles of Israfel

    Dominic Cifarelli - The Chronicles of Israfel

    "I've been playing Dean Markley strings for as long as I can remember. They feel great and are a real pleasure to play live and in studio. Dean Markley has me totally covered whether I'm playing Electric or Acoustic Guitar, Bass or Mandolin."

  • K.A.Z


    "It sounds really good and the tension of the strings is just amazing!!"

  • Toby Keith

    Toby Keith

    "The Dean Markley strings give me that great warmth that I need night after night."

  • Daniel Kemish

    Daniel Kemish

    "As a unsigned artist I travel and perform a lot of shows each year, however with everything else that happens before a show Its not always possible to find time to change strings. With Blue Steel strings I know my guitars are going to be in tune and sounding great night after night"

  • Ziggy Marley

    Ziggy Marley

    "I only trust Dean Markley strings when I'm on stage"

  • Tim McGraw

    Tim McGraw

    "I've been playing Dean Markley Blue Steels my entire career and wouldn't have it any other way."

  • Paul Bushnell - Tim McGraw

    Paul Bushnell - Tim McGraw

    "You name em, I've tried em!!......From boiling strings in vinegar water(...back in the day), to try to get an extra gig or two out of them, to now being an endorsee of the Best String Company In The World, I've seen a lot of bass strings come and go, and tried them all!! Hands down, I found my home with Dean Markley.  Rich tone that's not too brittle up top. Tapered B string to help action and intonation. My passive Fender Jazz 5 string with my Dean Markley SR2000 mediums.....Fat!! Full!! Tone central!! Music to my ears!!"

  • Gary Moore

    Gary Moore

    "I’ve used these strings the longest of any strings and they have never let me down."

  • Malina Moye

    Malina Moye

    "I love playing Dean Markley strings. They retain tone, sustain, and have a bold fearless punch"

  • Charlie Narduzzo

    Charlie Narduzzo

    "Dean Markley's strings give you the chance to get in perfect harmony with your guitar. With them, you can make your guitar do exactly what you want. Perfect tone, reliable and comfortable. BLUE STEELs are all I need!"

  • Orianthi


    "It's so great to be working with the wonderful people at Dean Markley. I rely on their strings because they keep their brightness show after show" 

  • Phoenix - Linkin Park

    Phoenix - Linkin Park

    "I've been playing Blue Steels my entire career and wouldn't play anything else"

  • Kaleo Wassman - Pepper

    Kaleo Wassman - Pepper

    " The best thing about being a musician is searching for new sounds and melting it with the sounds you know and love already,  creating your very own tone. With the Helix series I feel closer then ever before to getting my best sounds yet."

  • Bret Michaels - Poison

    Bret Michaels - Poison

    "Dean Markley, thanks for 26 awesome years of support! Whether its in the studio or on stage Dean Markley strings are the only strings that can connect me to my fans, and my guitars to me"

  • KK Downing - Judas Priest

    KK Downing - Judas Priest

    "I use Dean Markley strings. They stay in tune perfectly even when you give the whammy bar hell."

  • Mike Longworth - Prong

    Mike Longworth - Prong

    "I can have the best gear in the world, but if i don't start with Dean Markley strings, my sound just isn't complete"

  • Hedras Ramos

    Hedras Ramos

    "I started using Dean Markley when I had my first visit to California and my good friend Jeff Lee from Halo Guitars took me to the Dean Markley's headquarters and they gave me my first Blue Steel Package along with a lot of goodies, the rest is history. I love the unique tone and feel of these strings, they don't break and they last for a long time."

  • Brad Gillis - Night Ranger

    Brad Gillis - Night Ranger

    "80+ shows this year and no broken strings!!! With all my whammy bar antics and using metal picks, Dean Markley strings stayed bright and in tune..."

  • Nick Wheeler - The All-American Rejects

    Nick Wheeler - The All-American Rejects

    "I can always count on Dean Markley strings to deliver the tone I need in the studio or live, anywhere around the world."

  • Edi Roque

    Edi Roque

    "The right tone starts with your hands... And Dean Markley strings."

  • Alex Lifeson - Rush

    Alex Lifeson - Rush

    "Dean Markley strings feel great to play, remain crisp and bright longer and have a tonality that rings true.  I use them exclusively on all of my electrics."

  • Shaun Morgan - Seether

    Shaun Morgan - Seether

    "We only play nothing but the best. Blue Steel baby!"

  • Nikki Sixx - Sixx:A.M.

    Nikki Sixx - Sixx:A.M.

    “No other string in the world delivers the tone, performance, and bite, night after night like my Dean Markley bass strings.”

  • The Dead South

    The Dead South

    "When you're on the road as much as we are, the last thing you want to think about is whether you've packed enough strings to last you. As a band, we play four instruments - banjo, cello, guitar and mandolin, and often travel overseas and internationally. So when we buy strings, we buy strings that last, feel good and sound great and Dean Markley is an obvious choice to ensure that."

  • Dave Amato - REO Speedwagon

    Dave Amato - REO Speedwagon

    "HELIX...The ultimate HOT RODDED strings. They allow my fingers to slide with ease, without any sting noise."

  • Pablo Stennett

    Pablo Stennett

    “Nothing else compares to Dean Markley strings, simply the Best!"

  • Dan Palmer - Zebrahead/Death by Stereo

    Dan Palmer - Zebrahead/Death by Stereo

    "I use Dean Markley's everywhere from Japan, Russia, Germany, etc, to backyard parties and friend's weddings! They always have lasted longer than any other string I've ever used no matter how much beer I spill on them!!"

  • Brian Yale - Matchbox Twenty

    Brian Yale - Matchbox Twenty

    "Other people make strings?"

  • Jeff Hughell - Six Feet Under

    Jeff Hughell - Six Feet Under

    "The most important part of tone is your fingers, second is strings and I only trust Dean Markley for that!"

  • Ken Susi - Unearth

    Ken Susi - Unearth

    "I was turned on to Dean Markley strings when I was 9 years old.  I actually haven't played another brand since!  These strings always feel and play the best to me.  No need to try anything else!  E-V-E-R ! ! ! !"

  • Steve Cook - Phil Vassar

    Steve Cook - Phil Vassar

    "Strong, Consistent, Resilient, Big, Bold, and Beautiful - for the past 20 years, Dean Markley has fueled my fire, and been a huge part of my musical journey."

  • Drake White

    Drake White

    "There ain't nothing like a good pair of strings. Dean Markley has been good to us and helps bring our music to the listener's ear."

  • It Lies Within

    It Lies Within

    "When we play live we want to know our strings will be reliable, bright, and full of tone...That's why we choose Dean Markley."

  • Jay Wud

    Jay Wud

    "From bending strings, vibrato to singing notes and ultimate tone wizardry, I only use Helix from Dean Markley. Can't be happier to have that quality day in and out whether it's live or in the studio."

  • Neil Zaza

    Neil Zaza

    "Dean Markley Blue Steel strings have been my lifeline for great tone for over 10 years! They are consistent, durable and I can rely on them in every musical situation. They sound amazing and I wouldn't put another brand of string on my guitar."

  • John 5 - Rob Zombie

    John 5 - Rob Zombie

    "With Dean Markley strings, I feel confident knowing I can do anything on my guitar."

  • Piggy D - Rob Zombie

    Piggy D - Rob Zombie

    "I only sleep in the finest of coffins, and I only rock with the finest of strings"