"The right tone starts with your hands... And Dean Markley strings."

Edi Roque announces Confabulation his new “Instrumental Guitar Rock” album in almost two years. Winner of theBest Melodic Solo’s Award in a South America Contest in 2011, his anticipated follow- up to his instrumental debut, “Way” (2011) and the internationally acclaimed “Truth” (2015), the new Confabulation (2017) is filled with a very addictive melodic-guitar approach and colorful sounds for animals, plants and human beings alike. From songs about memories with loved ones in “Mom & Dad”, to the fun-filled and explosive of “Bombastic”, and the delightful imaginings of “Song for Julie”, this 13-track album brings attention and emotion in every minute. “No notes were harmed” Edi says and that’s the bigger challenge as a songwriter. The title track, “Confabulation”, delivers one of the most intense and powerful moments on the album with a catchy-and- heavy groove but still melodic and soulful. Special award-winning guests include bass players Billy Sheehan, Stu Hamm, drummers Matt Starr, Rodger Carter, Elias Green, and also old friends like the incredible bassist Adriano Sambatti. “Edi’s music has a real meaning. Is kind of rare to find an artist that doesn’t need to use lyrics to express himself and bring you to tears. He can also make you chill and smile. He’s a true talent.” – Oscar Brandtneris, music journalist. The last months have been filled with hard work and lots of preparation to the release of the first single from “Confabulation”. The song “Happily Ever After” brings to the table a message of hope and faith to the ones who can’t stand life’s circumstances anymore. That’s a beautiful and powerful song that can definitely restore lives.
String of Choice:
Blue Steel