"For over 20 years now, you will never find a bass I'm playing (much less an acoustic or electric guitar) that isn't outfitted with a set of Dean Markley Blue Steel Strings. I have yet to find anything that comes close to Blue Steels in terms of tone, playability, and feel. The minute I played them (lo those many years ago) I became a fan for life. I feel like Blue Steels have greatly improved the tone of all my recordings with Foreigner, T&N and even as far back as Dio and Dokken, and they've enhanced the sound and groove of all my live performances since 1992. I'm that sold on these strings!"

Band affiliation:
Bass Guitar
String of Choice:
Blue Steel
Jeff Pilson is currently the bassist for Foreigner. He joined the band in 2004. He produced Foreigner’s 2005 CD, “Live in ’05,” as well as tracks off of their “No End in Sight” CD in 2008. Pilson was a member of heavy metal bands Dokken, Dio and MSG. He also formed his own progressive metal group called War and Peace in 1989, releasing three albums: 1993’s “Time Capsule,” 2000’s “Light at the End of the Tunnel” and 2004’s “The Walls Have Eyes.” He also worked with his ex-Dokken band mate, guitarist George Lynch in a two-member group called Lynch/Pilson, which in 2003 released the critically acclaimed “Wicked Underground” in 2003 where Pilson also handled lead vocal duties.