For over 30 years Dean Markley has been the leading expert and best selling manufacturer of cryogenically treated strings for Guitars and Bass.

Our Blue Steel strings are sold in over 80 countries and are played by a virtual who's who of the music industry. Artist and customers alike know when they pickup a pack of Blue Steel it means they are getting wider and more dynamic range with smoother, more refined highs, deeper and more articulate bass with incredible sustain and a deeper, more three dimensional sound with a more organic presentation. Oh yeah...and they last longer than other strings!

After many years of success with strings, we have now developed a line of cables that will provide the same incredible benefits to your entire rig. Imagine the most transparent tone possible starting at your fingertips, going through your pedal board to your amplifier and blasting out to the crowd. What they hear is sheer heaven on earth! That’s the Blue Steel Treatment.

So, sound your best, play your best and give your audience an experience of a lifetime and give your rig a Blue Steel Treatment with Strings, Instrument Cables, Patch cables and Speaker Cables.

Cryogenically Frozen? How it works…

We treat all of our Blue Steel strings and cables with a quick blast of liquid nitrogen, changing their molecular structure with marvelous results.

The cryogenic process removes transient material that produces harsh highs and muddy lows that kill the sound and life.

Blue Steel’s proprietary Cryo-Tech® processing re-aligns and re-organizes the strings’ molecular structure into a more re-active configuration. This tighter molecular configuration results in super brilliant tone that has a full, tight bottom end.

Oh, and as a bonus, freezing these babies makes them ultra durable, too.

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