Developed for studio recording and live performance with crystal clear, transparent sound.

Dean Markley’s ProMag Plus offers a smooth, high-end response and a perfect string balance—treble strings and bass strings will ring out with the same volume. The ProMag Plus™ is a single coil pickup, and has bell-like harmonics that just sing.

• Patented coil configuration

• Easy 60-second installation

• Award winning low noise,double-shielded cable

• Real maple wood housing with a clear finish

• Five year warranty. Made in the USA.

Available in two versions:

• Standard: Comes with a 13’ cable with a 1/4” end that goes directly from the pickup to your amp or PA.

• XM: Comes with a 2’ cable with a 1/4” female jack that clips onto your guitar strap button. Plug your guitar cable in and you’re ready to go.