The best possible care for your guitar

Our heavyweight microfiber polishing cloth is the most fantastic cloth ever made for cleaning and buffing your instrument. We made it oversized – a luxurious 18 x 18 inches – for easy handling and a great feel.

And if you want to get into those hard to reach dirt and grime collectors under the strings and around the hardware, you might want to pick up our smaller 6 x 6 inch cloth. It’s perfect for just that!

Use our specially constructed microfiber polishing cloth on your guitar, and it won’t just push things around. It’ll lift all those nasties right from your finish, leaving a smooth, even lustre. Use it with our Dean Markley Guitar Polish, and not only will it make your guitar shine, it’ll help protect the finish, too.

6510 - 18” x 18” Microfiber Polishing Cloth

6516 - 6” x 6” Microfiber Polishing Cloth