"I've been playing Dean Markley strings for as long as I can remember. They feel great and are a real pleasure to play live and in studio. Dean Markley has me totally covered whether I'm playing Electric or Acoustic Guitar, Bass or Mandolin."

Band affiliation:
The Chronicles Of Israfel, Scars On Broadway, Writing On Water, Pulse Ultra
Acoustic & Electric Guitar, Bass & Mandolin.
String of Choice:
Signature Series
"The Chronicles of Israfel" is the solo project of Guitarist/Singer Dominic Cifarelli (former guitar player for Pulse Ultra). It was born during a very uncertain and difficult period leading up to the breakup of Pulse Ultra. Many late night jam sessions combined with the constant viewing of violent Japanese Anime movies helped form the sound of this sometimes brutal and very dark album. All of Dom's music is available on Spotify.