"As a unsigned artist I travel and perform a lot of shows each year, however with everything else that happens before a show Its not always possible to find time to change strings. With Blue Steel strings I know my guitars are going to be in tune and sounding great night after night"

Acoustic J45 and Electric Guitar
String of Choice:
Acoustic: Blue Steel 13's Electric: NickelSteel Signature Series 10's
Daniel Kemish is a Americana/Folk Musician originally form the UK however grew up most of his life in the Algarve. Daniel has a natural draw to life on the road and this year alone has performed more than 150 shows and traveled over 75,000 km’s promoting his Debut Album "Fools and Money”. Daniels live performance is both Raw and Energetic, transitioning perfectly between full on rock and roll to delicate intimate songs. 2017/18 is set to be a massive year for the Singer/Songwriter and one that will surely place him on the map of a must see artist of the future.