Eduardo V.

    I've been using Dean Markley strings for about 10 days. Stick enterprises provides usualy Daddario strings.That means that Daddario makes strings especialy for the Stick.This combines Guages (the stick uses a kind of weard intonations) and long scale strings since the instrument itself is very long.However I managed to put the Dean Markley strings on my instrument buying a mixture of guitar and bass packages .The result ? The tapping is much easier the sound is awsome and the sustain is a way much longuer than with the Daddarios strings. If there is an instrument that can really show out the sustain length that is for sure the Stick.But I have a problem and that is that I emptied my pockets buying all those different packages since I used 2 or three strings from each pack.So could Dean Markley make packages for us poor Stick players? There are more and more musicians coming to be Stick users so I think that it could be interesting commercially for you. On youtube you can already see countless of us playing the Stick and there is a lot more all over the world.

    Thank you for making the best strings ever