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Take Up Yoga For Good Health

Yoga focuses on creating strength, awareness, balancing and harmony of both body and mind. The main purpose of yoga is to heal body naturally with various positions that targets each and every part of the body without straining even a single muscle in the body.

Yoga has enormous benefits physically mentally and emotionally. Practicing yoga regularly changes your approach towards life. You tend to focus more on positively than on negativity. It is like a boon for the body to maintain health naturally.

While there are number of pastures in yoga to benefit you physically and mentally, but most common sessions are breathing exercises , medications, relaxation in different positions of the body that enable you to become more flexible without straining yourself.

Practising yoga regularly is known to keep you away from various illnesses. Yoga has an answer for practically any health issue, you just name it and you have an asana or pose that can relieve you from that particular ailment. Let us study some of the ailments known to get curedwithspecific yoga poses

  • Insomnia- Are you suffering from insomnia? You must have tried many treatments and remedies, but could not get rid of insomnia then try this yoga posture called Natrajasana, it works wonders and helps you get rid of insomnia and get back your sleep.
  • Back pain- For back pain try this yoga asana called Uttanasana, it will increase flexibility and lowers your back pain.
  • Digestion Problems- Try the posture called Ardhamatsyendrasana to get relief from ingestion and other digestive problems.
  • Headaches and migraines- For relief from severe headaches and migraine problems, try the yoga pose


Yoga can relieve you from various other health aliments, pick up a suitable yoga asana for your age and reap the benefits.

Yoga is a great choice to stay fit physically and mentally, practicing yoga can benefits you in the following ways.


Physical benefits of Yoga

  • Body becomes flexible
  • Muscles are strengthened and toned
  • Weight is maintained
  • Promotes metabolism
  • You feel energised throughout the day
  • immune system is boosted
  • Protects you from frequent infections, illnesses and reduces chronic pains.
  • Improves your breathing and boost oxygen supply to your body.
  • Helpful in controlling blood pressure ,diabetes and other health issues


Mental benefits of Yoga

  • Helps fight depression
  • Reduces symptoms of stress
  • Boosts concentration levels
  • Helps you to have positive thoughts and approach towards life
  • helps you  take thoughtful decisions
  • Improves your performance at workplace, helps you to maintain good relations because you are mentally at peace with yoga as your routine.



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