Whether you play guitar, bass, mandolin, banjo, or bajo, the world's finest players understand the combination of hands, strings and fretboard is what creates their own unique and signature tone. Dean Markley is the only company in the world that builds strings that allow every player, regardless of musical style, to fully express themselves and maximize control over their tone. We understand that strings are the only thing bridging hand and wood and that is precisely why we make our strings more playable allowing you to move more fluidly across the neck of your instrument. Our strings won’t fight your fingers or hold you back. Instead, our unique and patented design lets you play from the heart and express your emotion instantaneously. Dean Markley strings last longer, provide more sustain and stay in tune better and they come with 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Give them a try and see why the world’s best musicians play Dean Markley. Dean Markley is the source of your sound.

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